Cochin Custom House Agents Association -CCHAA
CTUWA was registered with statutory authorities in March 2003 and Cochin Trailer Users Welfare Association was formally inaugurated on 02nd April 2003 by Shri. Vayalar Ravi M.P. in the presence of Shri. A.C. Jose M.P. and a distinguished gathering of officials of Cochin Port, representatives of trade, members of the various trade unions at W. Island, CHA fraternity, trailer owners etc.

We reproduce below the main aspects pertaining to the transportation of containers at Cochin Port in accordance with the judgement of the Hon-ble High Court of Kerala dated 26.07.2002. The Hon-ble Court upheld the decision taken by the Chairman, Cochin Port Trust as per the meeting held on 05.07.2002 with all affected parties on the above issue.
1. Notwithstanding the internal code of conduct evolved by the members of the CCCOWA, the association or members of the association or their workmen shall not prevent /obstruct a non-member like CHA, Shipper etc. operating their trailers in the Port area in the manner they would like to.
2. The out-station trucks arriving either empty or with loads shall not be obstructed/prevented by the association or its members or their workmen from carrying the return loads from Cochin Port area.
3. A non-member shall be free to provide his vehicle to any other person or firm the commercial use the rate mutually agreed.
4. CCCOWA shall not deny the trucks to any person requisitioned the trucks, provided such person shall pay the amount in advance and observe the formalities of availing services. There shall not be any discrimination by CCCOWA in allotting vehicles to any non-member.
5. Non-member shall have the freedom to choose or change his transport contractor, provided he has settled the outstanding dues, if any, to the previous contractor.
6. There shall be no discrimination in the procedure for granting membership to the CCCOWA. The procedure shall be transparent and objective. If any member chooses to join CCCOWA, he will abide the rules and regulations of the association in toto.
7. The employment aspects of the labour shall not be brought up as a material point in the commercial negotiations/transaction with the CHAs /Shippers. The CCCOWA shall themselves ensure appropriate wages , bata and other employment requirements of their employees.
The activities of CCCOWA should be supportive to the CHAs/Shippers and absolutely devoid of any coercion and undue influence in the overall interest of the exim trade in general and the Port in particular.The situation started to improve gradually. But the situation became worse in the month of February 2003. An EGM was convened by the CCBA immediately to discuss the above issue and it was unanimously decided to form a separate Association called Cochin Trailer Users Welfare Association to protect the interest of CHAs and members of CTUWA. There after many meetings were convened to frame and approve the Memorandum of Association and Rules and regulations of CTUWA. The membership of CTUWA is open to CHAs and individual trailer owners.
Insurance for containers at Cochin Port
Insurance coverage is given to protect CHAs in the case of any damage occurs while in transit of the export/import container CCBA in consultation with Steamer Agents Association introduced a container insurance scheme which came into operation from 02nd. April 2003, and officially launched by Shri. A.C. Jose M.P. at a distinguished gathering comprising all segments of trade at Hotel Casino. W. Island
The risk covered by Cochin Custom Brokers Association in its policy is much more wider. Unlike the other policies offered by some other organizations which is only a contingency policy. The following risks are covered under the policy of CCBA.
Loss or damage to the subject-matter insured reasonably attributable to

fire or explosion
overturning or derailment of land conveyance
collision of conveyance with any external object
strike ,riot or civil commotion
malicious damage
storm typhoon flood inundation
There are no strings attached to the above Policy. Hence Shippers, Steamer Agents, CHAs can have peace of mind. Containers are insured against the full value of containers as indicated by Cochin Steamer Agents Association and not on a depreciated value.
The New rates for container safety Insurance Coverage for More than 50 Kms to be paid to CCBA from 01.04.2006 was fixed as follows
Dry Container
20 ft. – Rs.35/- 40 ft. – Rs.50/-
Reefer Container
20 ft. – Rs.230/- 40 ft. – Rs.350/-
The New rates for container safety Insurance Coverage for less than 50 Kms to be paid to CCBA from 01.04.2006 was fixed as follows
Dry Container
20 ft. – Rs.25/- 40 ft. – Rs.35/-
Reefer Container
20 ft. – Rs. 40 ft. – Rs.
CCBA also gives a written guarantee to the Steamer Agent with all the requisite details when a CHA on behalf of his exporter/importer takes delivery of containers for stuffing/de-stuffing and to indemnify the said steamer Agent against the risks so covered. Hence at last CHAs who opt for the policy under CCBA can now have a piece of mind so that they need not repent later on in case any accident to export/import container while in transit.
Movement of trailers and transportation of containers at Willingdon Island and the formation of Cochin Trailer Users Welfare Association
The existence of CTUWA is very essential for the CHA community and members are requested to avail the services of CTUWA pertaining to your export/import transactions through the port of Cochin.
19. “ Allow Loading” will be given by Customs at the RGCT gate .
The users of the IGTL prestage area are requisted to keep a minimum balance with the CCBA prestage area office in the name of IGTPL and no cash transaction will be allowed. Weekly statements will be email address of the users.
For any further details please contact :-
Cochin Trailer Users Welfare Association
CCHAA Bldg, Indira Gandhi Road,
Willingdon Island, Cochin-09
Telephones : 0484 2667432 (D), 2666687
Fax : 0484 2666836
Contact Person : Mr. Shaji. / Mr. Nireesh