Cochin Custom House Agents Association -CCHAA
The foremost activity of the CCBA is to protect the legitimate interest of its members in discharging their duties and responsibilities as licensed Custom House Agents at the Sea Port and Air Port of Cochin and to promote over all export/import trade through Cochin Sea Port & Airport.

The Association represents the members at various forums of Cochin Custom House, Cochin Port Trust and at various trade bodies and try to find amicable solutions to the various problems and grievances of the members. A detailed list of the representations are shown in the page of representatives to various bodies along with the name of nominees

Association brings to the attention of its members the Circulars and the Public Notices being issued from Cochin Port Trust , Custom House, Cochin, CBEC & DGFT. Being a member of FFFAI, CII, FIEO, ASSOCHAM, KMA, ICC&I & KCC&I. The association also brings to the attention of its members the relevant extracts of the bulletins and circulars being issued by the said trade bodies. Besides, the Association also subscribes Excise Law Times, Impex Times, Talk of the Trade. Important Public Notices and trade informations as obtained from these publications are also brought to the notice of the members on a regular basis. To know more about the publications please refer the page Circulars.

The representatives of the CCBA also takes part in the various trade meets organised every year for the promotion of exim trade through the port of Cochin. Copies of the directories of CCBA are distributed to the participants. Exporters/Importers are requested to route their export/import consignments through the port of Cochin. CCHAA also ensures that the export/import work undertaken by their members are executed according to international standard trading conditions as laid down by FFFAI & FIATA. In case of any problem pertaining to the export/import work entrusted with the members of CCBA the concerned exporter/importer can utilise the good office of CCBA to sort out their grievances, if any.

Since 1992 onwards CCBA has been entrusted by Cochin Port Trust authorities to co-ordinate with the I.D. card section of the CPT & the Chief Security office of CISF to issue identity cards to all port users. CCBA also assists the members in issuing the Customs I.D. cards. The application for Customs I.D cards are also routed through CCBA office. More details of the same is included in the ID Card Dept.

A members Grievance Cell is functioning at the CCBA office to deal with the issue of outstanding amount due to CHAs from Exporters/Importers. The Grievance Cell meets regularly at the CCBA office to monitor the developments and the issues related to outstanding dues. Shri. Soloman Abrao is the Chairman of the Member's Grievance Cell. More details of the Grievance Cell is shown in the Members of Grievance Cell Page.

CCBA has set up a small library at the CCBA office for the reference purpose of the members and exim trade. The library is equipped with the essential books and journals related to exports/imports and other management reference books. More details of the same are available at the Library page.

CCBA also conducts regular training programmes and brings to the attention of its members various training programmes being conducted by Govt. Agencies and trade bodies. More details of the same are shown in the Training Center page.

There is category of workers called Shipment Tally Clerks whose services are utilised by CHAs/Exporters for their export purposes through the port of Cochin. The shipment tally clerks are managed by the Governing Body of the Shipment tally Clerks Scheme which is set up as a separate body under the CCHAA. Shri. C.P. Xavier, President of the CCBA is the Chairman of the STC Scheme. CCBA office looks after the day today administration and the monitoring of the scheme. More details of the STC Scheme is shown in the STC Scheme.

Since April 2000 onwards the Cochin Port Trust has entrusted the EDI Service Centre to CCBA has created the necessary infrastructure and posted well trained System Executives to meet the requirement of the members and the trade. All Export Applications filed at the Cochin Port Trust were filed through the EDI Service Centre of CCBA and the same was transmitted to the various terminals of CPT through on line. But with the IGTPL taking over the Container Terminal and the container operations thereof the EAs have been dispensed with. Now EAs are filed only for break bulk, liquid cargo and ships stores the applications are routed through the CCBA EDI service centre.

Container Insurance has been introduced with effect from 01st April 2006 for containers at Cochin Port CCBA has entered into an agreement with a reputed Insurance Company and accordingly insurance is provided to members of CCHAA at an economically reasonable price and all the claims of accidents arising thereof so far has been settled. The insurance scheme is routed through the transport wing of CCBA. Details of the same are available in the CTUWA Page.

Cochin Trailer Users Welfare Scheme was registered as a separate entity and came into existence on 01st April 2003. CTUWA assists the members in arranging container trailers for their export/import container transportation. Details of the same are available in the CTUWA page.

CCBA entered into an agreement with M/s IGTPL and thereby an office of CCBA known as CCBA Prestage office started functioning at the premises provided by M/s IGTPL at the prestage area with effect from December 2005. The office is equipped with necessary computers , printers, and other office equipments and it is manned by well trained system executive/operation executives. Prestage office is entrusted with the responsibility of verifying the shipping documents prior to the entry of the container to the Prestage and only after ensuring the valid details and the preliminary scrutiny and the containers are permitted on the basis of gate pass generated at the Prestage office. The necessary Prestage charges of M/s. IGTPL are routed through CCBA Prestage office and also the excess parking, monitoring and the charges thereof. Prestage office also maintains separate deposit A/cs for CHAs and monitor the same. Which is very convenient to CHAs. CCBA office is functioning the round the clock. Details of the same are shown in the CCBA Prestage Page

Charges of CHAs/ Port users for Lift on Lift off charges, Customs Examination Movement charges & Container Cut off charges for Port CFS movements are also routed through the Prestage office of CCBA which is very convenient for members to avail the round the clock operations. Details of the same are shown in the Prestage page.

On 15.01.2005 CCBA Document Centre started functioning as per the joint decision taken by the Custom House Cochin, Cochin Steamer Agents Association and The Cochin Custom House Agents Association to ensure the safety and to e co-ordinate and distributing the shipping bills and other related documents after vessel endorsement. CCBA set up a separate office and deployed sufficient trained staff and provided other infrastructure facilities to cater the need of the trading community.

From the above it is crystal clear that CCBA is rendering yeoman services not only for its members but for the entire port users for the smooth and uninterrupted exim trade through the Sea Port and Air port of Cochin.