Cochin Custom House Agents Association -CCHAA
CCBA - Cochin Customs Brokers Association
The Cochin Customs Brokers Association is one of the premier CHA Associations in India and was established in the year 1955. The Association is registered under the Cochin Registration of Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act II of 1955 as per the Registration No 4/1955 on 01.04.1955.The objects and Memorandum and Articles of Association were formulated taking into account the laws existing then and the then economic scenario
But subsequently many Acts and legislation's were enacted by the Government of India which dramatically changed the role of CHAs and CCBA .Introduction of Companies Act 1956,Customs Act 1962, Income Tax Act 1961, Custom House Agents Licensing Regulations 2004, Multimodal Transportation Act 1993 & Amendments Act 2000.
The fortunes of Cochin Port and The Cochin Custom House Agents Association are co-related. In the initial years the Association was keeping a low profile because the cargo routed through Cochin Port was negligible. But with the introduction of liberalization and opening up of the economy in 1990s the Indian economic scenario also changed dramatically. The Cochin Port also began to grow and attract more and more cargo. The opening of Cochin International Airport in 2000 and the prospect of the prestigious Vallarpadam Container Terminal becoming a reality in the near future has further accelerated the Export/Import trade through Cochin Port. The Association is playing a prominent role at the Sea Port and Air port of Cochin. Currently the Association has got a member strength of 160 Ordinary Members and 6 Associate Members.
As per Sec. 24 of the Custom House Agents Licensing Regulations 2004 it is mandatory to have an Association at the respective Customs Station/Sea Port/Air Port and each CHA should enroll themselves as a member of the Custom House Agents Association. Hence it is very clear that the Association is a statutory body recognized by the Commissioner of Customs. CCBA is member of the Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations of India (FFFAI), apex body of all CHA Associations in India and FFFAI is affiliated to International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations & International Federation of Customs Brokers Association (world body of CHA Associations)
The Association office is situated at the CCBA building at the North End of W. Island, Cochin adjacent to the Cochin Port Trust Administration building and the Custom House.
The Association was established on 28.03.1955 in accordance with the Memorandum of the Association and the Association became a formal entity as per the registration certificate issued by the Registrar under the Cochin Registration of Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act -II of 1955 on 01.04.1955.
The first office bearers and the members of the Managing Committee consisted of the following Gentlemen.
Shri. K. Appu Menon - President
Governing Director,
M/s Pilmen Agents Ltd
Shri. P.Achutan Pillai, Hon. Secretary
Proprietor, M/s Achutan Pillai & Co
Shri.A.C. Raghava Menon, Hon. Treasurer
Proprietor, M/s The Mercantile & Marine Services
Shri.A.S. Thiruvenkitam, Licensed Clearing Agents
Shri. P.T. Varghese, Licensed Clearing Agents
Shri.P.K. Vijayaraman, M/s Vijaya Shipping & Clearing Agency
Shri. K.O. AntonyLicensed Customs Broker
Many of the stalwarts who toiled hard to create The Cochin Custom House Agents Association are no more today. But the seed they have sown has now become a very big tree occupying a unique position in the maritime history of the port of Cochin and at the southern most part of the country. The CCBA is one of the premier CHA associations in India and has contributed immensely for the development and growth of the exim trade through the port of Cochin & Air port and the over all development of the economy of the state of Kerala and the nation.
The name of the association was initially " The Cochin Clearing Agents Association" the same was changed to " The Cochin Custom House Agents Association with effect from 15th February 1977 taking into account the changed export/import scenario and Customs Act and Rules and rules and regulations thereof
List of the past Presidents of the CCBA
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Local Affiliations:
 Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Kerala Chamber of Commerce & Industry
 Kerala Management Association
National Affiliations:
Federation of Freight Forwarders Association In India
Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO)
 Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)